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Steve Davis — “Correlations” (Smoke Sessions Records, 2019)

Steve Davis — “Correlations” (Smoke Sessions Records, 2019)

What are some of your current projects?

I’ve been playing with a sextet called the Correlations band. We’re mainly doing my original compositions but not exclusively. That’s been fantastic, and actually, the album Correlations we did for Smoke Sessions Records wound up being number two for the Jazz Week charts for the entire year of 2019. I was thrilled and amazed. People are listening, and that’s a good thing. So there’s that band which I plan to do much more with in the future, and we had a bunch more gigs that are not going to happen right now. Hopefully, we’ll be back at it soon.

I also play with my son, Tony Davis, an excellent guitarist who lives in New York. He’s another of the recent alumni from the JMI Jazz program at Hartt/UH in Hartford. In fact, he and I just played a couple of nights at Mezzrow Jazz Club in Greenwich Village right before they shut everything down. I’ve always enjoyed playing with him and played on a couple of tracks on his debut album, Golden Year, which came out on Posi-Tone Records last year. We like playing in a quartet where he’s doing all the comping and no piano, just guitar, bass, drums, and trombone. He’s an excellent composer. He’s twenty-five, and it’s not just because he’s my son; I genuinely love playing with him, and we have a great time playing together. Hopefully, we’ll do a record in the coming years.

I’m fortunate as far as “keeping it in the family,” so to speak — and have been playing some gigs with my wife, Abena Koomson-Davis. We’ve been married for about four years now. She’s an incredible vocalist who also composes and arranges music. She often sings with Resistance Revival Chorus — they’re doing a lot of important work recently. It’s an all women’s chorus, and they usually perform wearing all white. It’s a social justice/activist group, and we need them right now for many reasons. They’ve collaborated with many great artists. Abena has an extensive musical range; she sings the heck out of the Great American Songbook/Jazz, as well as Soul/R&B, Afro Beat, and even Rock & Roll. She’s got her own style; we’ve done some gigs in the classic straight-ahead jazz setting with piano, bass, drums, her and me… and always have a wonderful time playing together.

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I also continue playing for One for All and maintaining various affiliations over the years as a sideman — Christian McBride Big Band, Nat Reeves’ State Of Emergency Band, Willie Jones III Sextet, Mike LeDonne’s Quartet on occasion and some gigs with my own bands. Things have been busy over the years. I’ve been very fortunate.

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