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Enjoy Playing During Lockdown With Tomplay

Enjoy Playing During Lockdown With Tomplay

The future of being able to enjoy playing during lockdown is now changed forever with the Tomplay app. It doesn’t matter if you’re beginning to learn to play or if you’re a professional; all can benefit from this interactive app.

Twenty-two instruments, including piano, trumpet, guitar, violin, flute, and clarinet, are just a few of the instruments that are available in the app. This broad spectrum of instruments guarantees that you’ll find your instrument and the level that suits your playing. The app has thousands of selections from all genres that you can easily download onto your device. You can find recordings from Beethoven to Weber to Massenet.

You can enjoy playing during lockdown by playing along with your favorite artists and musicians. Tomplay partnered with Deutsche Grammophon to provide recordings from amazing musicians such as Daniel Barenboim, Vladimir Horowitz, Itzhak Perlman, among many others. Professionals and students alike can now enjoy playing music at home while playing with some of the world’s most elite musicians.

Teachers Using the App

For a teacher, the Tomplay app is a valuable tool for motivating students to practice at home. The audio-score synchronization is also a great combination for students so that they can not only learn by seeing the music, but they can also learn by ear. There is also a scroll function that helps keep students on task with the music.

Trumpet Sheet Music

Digital sheet music catalog for trumpet at Tomplay.

Unique Features

The unique features offered in this app make it usable for both the professional musician and the student. One notable feature allows you to adjust the tempo of the piece to suit your personal tempo. Another unique feature is the ability to loop sections of the piece. When you select “loop,” you can adjust it to the amount of measures you want to practice, and the app will automatically repeat only those measures so that you’re able to focus solely on practicing a few measures at a time.

For any musician, the annotating option is valuable. Within Tomplay, you can select the “annotate the score” button, and you can draw, write text, input unique markings, and more. The response of this app is fast, and it feels like you’re writing on sheet music. The erase button is easy to use as well; you touch the score, and your mistake disappears.

In addition, you can also record yourself playing with the accompaniment and have the option of listening to the recording before saving it. The recording feature also offers the opportunity to lower and increase the volume of both the backing track and yourself. This feature is invaluable for hearing how you sound with the orchestra or accompaniment.

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Playing Music at Home

With this app, you can put on your headphones and feel like you collaborate with other musicians even while you are at home. You can now enjoy music by imagining as if you’re in a concert hall; you have a professional orchestra or piano accompaniment at your disposal in any tempo that is needed.

As a musician, this app will help motivate you to practice and give you the feeling of playing with another musician even while you’re alone at home. You can utilize the special features to help you individualize the score. You will be able to enjoy trumpet during lockdown by having your very own personalized accompaniment.

The subscription price for Tomplay is 99.99 EUR per year, but Classical Performer is offering a special voucher that grants a 14-day trial followed by a 30% discount so that the final special price would be 69 EUR for the year.

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Create your account, or log in to your account if you already have one.
  3. Enter the promo code CLASSICALPERFORMER30 and fill out the rest of the form with your information.
  4. You now have unlimited free access to the whole Tomplay catalog for 14 days and can enjoy a 30% discount on the yearly subscription after the trial ends. Your free trial can also be used with Tomplay’s iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (tablet and smartphone) apps. Log in to your Tomplay account, whatever your platform is, and you will have automatic access.
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