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Changing the World of Digital Sheet Music With ‘nkoda’

Changing the World of Digital Sheet Music With ‘nkoda’

Sheet music has previously been stuck in the past. We can’t access classical music unless we go to the physical store (of which there may not be many in your area), or if we buy it online. Even if you buy sheet music online, you often can only access a portion of the sheet music. You might buy the sheet music and realize once it’s downloaded or delivered that it’s not quite what you wanted.

As a musician, it’s limiting to not be able to access music instantly; you often are unable to begin practicing until your music finally arrives. Or, you’re stuck with the sheet music you’ve bought online and you discover that you don’t like the edition or that the part isn’t what you thought it was.

nkoda provides tens of thousands of titles and millions of pages of digital sheet music that are directly from the publishers; this is not like IMSLP where the editions are old and often are full of mistakes. With this app, you can access premium editions that are licensed by publishers. You can also access the score immediately; you don’t have to wait and wonder whether or not you’ll be happy with it. When you are listening to a symphony and you hear a part you like and are considering learning, you can look it up instantly in the app.

Now you don’t have to be limited to the time it takes for the music to be delivered, to the space you have on your bookshelf, or to the amount of money you have in your wallet. You can have complete access to all music at any time. The music on this app is also downloadable so you can access it offline as well as when on wifi.

You also aren’t limited to only music within your instrumentation. You are free to explore music from all instruments as well as multiple styles. You can find jazz and pop arrangements as well as classical. There is now freedom to be as creative as possible with access to multiple genres and instrumental music. There are thousands of works of music on this app; it is the epitome of not being limited as a musician. There is also a new music feature in which you can discover what current composers are writing. You can explore music from the beginning of music until the current day.

This is the next stage for the modern musician. This is the new way to interact with classical music as well as music from other styles. Classical music, in particular, has been stuck in the past for hundreds of years; now it doesn’t have to be stuck in the past. nkoda allows you to access classical music instantly as well as share it with others.

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The app also has a wonderful annotation feature where you can make markings directly in the music. You have the option to write text on the digital sheet music and you can also mark any part of the music. This feature makes it feel like you are able to write on the actual music; you don’t have to worry anymore about not begin able to erase the markings or about damaging the music itself. You can also share your annotations with others so they can see your specific markings. For example, you could ask your teacher or professor for their specific markings and they could share them with you instantly. You also could be talking about a specific part of the music with a friend and you could share those markings with them to help their studies as well. You can also create playlists and share these with your friends as well. The options are limitless!

nkoda is meant to free musicians to live in the modern world and to no longer be held back by not being able to access scores immediately. You can now be a modern-day musician with all of the music you need at your fingertips. This app is an amazing way to keep classical and other style of music current by providing instant access to digital sheet music.

We at Trumpetland have spoken to nkoda about this wonderful app; they’ve agreed to offer our Premium members an exclusive discount of 90% off for the first month of nkoda, so you can try this amazing tool for yourselves!

If you are a Premium member of Trumpetland, stay tuned because you will receive the link to the discount by e-mail!

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