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Carrying a Library in Your Pocket

Carrying a Library in Your Pocket

As a trumpet player, nkoda can make your life easier by giving you instant access to music that you might not have access to otherwise. You no longer have to wait for your scores to arrive; you can begin the learning process immediately. For example, when you are playing with a symphony orchestra, you no longer have to wait for the library to order the music. You can now access your part instantly through using nkoda. You also don’t have to wait to begin practicing, you can start practicing on the day you find out which symphonic work you’re performing!

As a trumpet player, you’re no longer limited by just music within your instrument. You can explore all instruments from brass to woodwinds to even voice. The app has multiple options when it comes to instruments as well as tens of thousands of titles of music. You’re not limited in terms of the type of music you’re able to access and you can finally allow your creativity to be released.

If you’re listening to a symphony, you have the option to easily follow along with the score while listening to the music. You now have access to your part as well as to all of the parts of the orchestra. As a student of music, this is an amazing opportunity. You can know what you should be listening for and you can learn all of the parts of the symphonic work you are performing.

You can also access the digital sheet music of a piece you are considering playing. If you read the score and decide that the music is too easy or too hard, then you can simply move on to the next piece without having to search in a library for the piece of music and without having to buy the music itself. This will ultimately save you a lot of time and you can use that extra time to practice!

If your teacher presents you with a new piece of music, you no longer have to wait until after the lesson to find the piece and either download it or buy it and wait for it to come in. You can access the digital sheet music in the lesson and begin studying the piece immediately with your teacher.

As you’re talking to other friends who are also playing the trumpet, they can share the music they are studying and you can do the same as well. You can all learn from each other by looking at one another’s markings and by being introduced to other pieces of music. Even if your friends are studying a piece of music you haven’t heard of, you can instantly access the music and decide whether or not you would like to play that particular piece.

This app is also amazing if you are traveling and someone contacts you to play a piece of music. You can quickly access the music and begin practicing immediately. There is no wait time for receiving the music which is what makes nkoda so amazing for current musicians.

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nkoda is life changing for the musician; it gives you a head start in learning your music so that you are able to begin practicing immediately. The app also opens up opportunities to learn from others; whether this is from your teacher or from your fellow musicians. As a modern-day musician, you will have the ability to reach your full potential at a faster pace.

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